Crater Tour

This we like to term as our classic tour. What makes it fun is that you get to cycle to through two villages in Fort Portal before we get to our destination. These villages are packed with culture and friendly locals.  As if the scenic beauty is not enough, the history and

Your real destination are the 3 crater lakes surrounding the Amabeere Ga Nyina Mwiru caves. While here, you can take a rest on the shores of the Nyabikere, Ekigere or lake Saka, then take a hike up one of the crater hills. After a tour of the lakes, call it a day by cycling back to our offices in Rwengoma.

Note: Many of our guests choose to take a tour of the Amabeere caves, where they can learn from the local guide of the traditional tales about the caves. This detour may take about 1 hour and even though it is not part of our trip, our guide will provide all necessary assistance to those that decide to take the detour.