Our Story

Mark Rujumba, Founder, Bikey Tours

Fort Portal is a truly beautiful place. It’s a town that offers tourists both local and international so much to see and lots of fun activities to do. It’s a place that boasts of a rich history and lovely, friendly people.

My dad is from Fort Portal and that makes me a Mutooro, but for some reason, growing up, we never got to spend more than a weekend there.

About a year after my wedding, my wife and I decided to take a vacation there and we were totally amazed at how beautiful it is. Spending time exploring the crater lakes, the hills, rivers and nature in general made us fall in love with the place all the more.

I love cycling and thought of how nice it would be to go cycling in fort portal- through the craters, tea plantations and dirt roads. So I decided to go and look for a bicycle shop in town and after about 2 days of searching, I failed to find a single service provider that was offering a dedicated and professional cycling tour of Fort Portal.

This is when the idea of Bikey Tours was birthed. I thought to myself, why not bring this service to people like me who are looking at having a great time running errands, touring and exploring on 2 wheels? It is my dream to offer a memorable cycling service to all my guests keeping in mind the different needs of people coming from different parts of the world and coming from different cultures.

My MO is simple- serve with a smile, offer your best and let Fort do the rest.