Off-Road Trail

Are you looking to rekindle your love for cycling? Or are you just looking for an opportunity to reconnect with the sites and sounds of nature? This trail was carefully designed by us to help our clients enjoy a ride in the wild.

The trail begins from our house in Booma and goes through remote villages, gardens and forests before you get to the beautiful waterfalls at Nyampoma. Cool your hands and feet by dipping them in the very cold water that flows from the glaciers on top of the mountains of the moon.
This trip can be quite intense, partly because it covers about 36km of cycling but it is one of those trips we recommend to any of our friends that just need to have a memorable experience on a bike. Our guide(s) will also pace the tour depending on your fitness levels and goals for the ride so that nobody gets left behind or is bored.

The scenic beauty in the ride to and at the destination are truly breathtaking and therapeutic. You can have the opportunity to take memorable photos at various points along this route .