What’s included in the tour?

We provide our clients with everything that a cyclist would require to have a comfortable riding experience. This includes the bicycle, a helmet, cycling gloves to protect your palms, cycling glasses to protect your eyes from sunlight, dust and tiny little bugs. We also give our guests reflector jackets as an extra level of protection, more especially if they will be riding in the evenings. With every tour, we give our guests a water refill and most importantly, a friendly, professional tour guide.

How about the Safari Guests?

For our guests that opt for the longer safaris, we provide everything that is included in the regular tours but, because of the distances involved, we make sure you have a pump and puncture repair kit, a spare tube and u-locks for the bicycles. Do not worry, our guides are trained to use this equipment, just in case you are not.

What should I pack?
Our tours include time both on and off the bike, and we want you to be comfortable in every situation. Ordinarily, we would recommend you pack water bottles, a pair of padded cycling shorts (if you have them), appropriate footwear for on and off bike, waterproof jacket and energy bars.

How do I book a tour?

Simply call us today to book your tour. You can reach us on phone at +256 70448888 or by email at info@bikeytours.com or simply fill in the contact form on our contact page and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

How can I train for the tour?

In general, we recommend you ride as frequently as possible prior to your tour, or take spin classes for indoor training to get comfortable in the saddle. You may also consult our training guides to get ready for your tour.