Why Choose Us

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a fun, memorable cycling experience within and around Fort Portal. We do not pretend to be all-knowing and a one-stop shop for all your tourism needs. What we know is bicycling and that is what we seek to share. What started out as a need for a bicycle ride around Fort Portal town grew into a  business that seeks to serve.

We know that every guest is unique and we seek to provide a custom experience for each one:  whether you are new to cycling or a seasoned bicycle racer, you will come to find that we are serve you and bring you the very best that our town and villages have to offer.

We seek to go beyond just providing you with a bicycle and sending you off on your way. Your comfort and experience matter to us. This is why we are the only bicycle rental that provides our guests with accessories FREE OF CHARGE. These include a helmet, cycling gloves, cycling glasses and water for the trip. We also provide a free training session for all guests that are new to bicycles with gears (changers).